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Bug Bakes


Cricket Flour

Crickets are a great source of complete, hypoallergenic animal protein for your dog. On top of this, they are one of the most sustainably farmed protein sources on the planet!

Save Water

To produce 1kg of protein, this much water is required;

Beef – 30,000L

Pork – 3,500L

Chicken – 2,300L

Cricket – 15L

Save Feed

To produce 1kg of protein, this much feed is required;

Beef – 24kg

Pork – 4kg

Chicken – 4kg

Cricket – 2kg *can be fed organic waste

Save Land

To produce 1kg of protein, this much land is required;

Beef – 250m2

Pork – 55m2

Chicken – 45m2

Cricket – 15m2

Reduce Emissions

Livestock farming is the biggest single contributor of greenhouse gases globally, even more than all vehicles combined! Farming crickets produces hundreds of times less greenhouse gases than livestock.



Sustainable Protein Source

We are the first company in the UK to use insects as a sustainable alternative protein source for dogs.

Organic Ingredients

Organic farming promotes wildlife on the farm by 50%, especially pollinators such as bees/butterflies. It also promotes healthy soil which absorbs five times as much carbon as forests!

Sustainable Refill Bags

We offer a flexible subscription service which uses lightweight compostable packaging and mailing materials. No plastic, no waste.

We donate to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

5 pence from each bag of treats sold is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Click the banner below to find out why pollinators need our support!


We try our best to be fully transparent about our products and practices. If you have suggestions on how we could improve, or just want to let us know about new eco technology, please get in touch!



Currently, we source our human grade, hypoallergenic cricket flour from Entomo Farms in Canada.  The flour is made from 100% crickets which have been given organic feed. We love the work Entomo Farms is doing however we also recognise that shipping cricket flour from Canada is not the most environmentally friendly option. We do this because local cricket farms don’t exist yet! As soon as we can source our cricket flour locally, we will.

Six of the seven total ingredients in Bug Bakes are organic certified. (93% by weight) There is no such thing as ‘organic’ brewers yeast otherwise we would use that too!

Our first tester was Lyra the leonberger. (the face of Bug Bakes!) Next, her four legged friends.. then.. every shape, size and breed of dog imaginable tested Bug Bakes at events, markets and giveaways. We made sure to test them on as many dogs with allergies, IBS and other dietary related problems as possible.

We offer a zero waste subscription service which uses entirely biodegradable packaging and mailing materials.

Our smaller individual bags are as lightweight as possible but not currently biodegradable. We are working on this!

As with all treats, it is recommended that Bug Bakes do not exceed 10% of your dogs daily intake of food. Outside of that, they can be used however you like! They work as a training treat, reward or bedtime biscuit.

Yes. As long as your puppy is eating a solid food diet, Bug Bakes are perfectly fine for them to eat. Be extra cautious not to overfeed with young puppies. If you have any doubts, always contact your veterinarian first before feeding any new foods or treats.

We certainly are! Insect protein is the perfect match for cats nutritional needs too. If you have a cat that wants to be an early tester, please get in touch via contact@bugbakes.co.uk. Thanks!

Bug Bakes do not contain any of the most common canine food allergens. The list might shock you! Beef – Rabbit – Pork – Dairy – Chicken – Lamb – Fish – Eggs – Corn – Wheat – Soy. Each organic ingredient has been vet approved and tested on a variety of dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies.

Bug Bakes crunchy texture makes them excellent for plaque removal and general gum health. However, treats will never be a replacement for brushing your dogs teeth.

Payment for subscription orders are taken on the 17th of the month. We will package and post your freshly made treats the same week. If your pup can’t wait for their subscription to start, buy a couple of solo bags to keep them ticking over!