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What causes my dog’s skin to be so gosh darned itchy? It’s amongst the most asked questions that veterinarians get asked, and it’s also often quite complex since there are many potential causes.

Ranging from minor irritations to more serious lesions and skin conditions, itchy skin isn’t always something to be overly worried about. Some of the most common causes of itchy skin are allergies, infections, fleas, and insect bites.

Why is My Dog’s Skin Itchy?

Identifying itchy skin on your dog is pretty easy. Persistent scratching or biting at the skin is a good sign that your dog’s feeling a mighty itch, so as soon as you notice this behaviour the next question is: why is it itchy in the first place?

Now, if the scratching is occasional, it may be nothing to worry about, but that constant loud scratching that keeps you up at night could be a sign of pruritus, or scratching an excessive itch.

Veterinarians normally group pruritus into two main categories: skin conditions and allergies. The former tends to come from skin that is either infected, oily, or too dry, with excessive dryness being the most common of the three. Allergies are also a potential cause of pruritus.

Sources of Itchy Skin

If you’re worried about your dog’s itchy skin, you may wish to take him into the veterinarian for professional medical advice. There are, however, many natural remedies that won’t cause harm and that may have a positive effect on your dog’s skin without having to take them into the vet. Nevertheless, a veterinarian’s professional consultation can identify causes that require medication you can’t get elsewhere and diagnoses that get right to the source of the itch.

Here in the UK, humidity and moisture prevent a lot of dryness common in harsher, drier climates. Normally, pruritus from dry skin for dogs in the UK comes from what they’re eating. Dried out, traditional dog food diets overcook a lot of the precious nutrients which kill off a lot of the natural oils that contribute to a healthy skin and glossy coat of fur.

Digestive enzymes and probiotics can provide your dog with the oils they need for a healthy coat of fur, so consider picking up products that supplement what they lack from their dry food. Better yet, consider switching to a healthier diet of cold-pressed dog food which retains natural fatty oils and nutrients through the production process.

If the itch comes from allergies, things get a little more complicated. It’s not well-known why dogs are developing allergies at record-high rates, and the treatment is far from something you’d want to attempt yourself. Veterinarians can diagnose the source of the itch if it comes from allergies and provide pharmaceuticals that can reduce or neuter the allergy altogether, resulting in healthy skin and far less scratching.

Natural Remedies for Itchy Skin

A few helpful ways to reduce itchiness include:

  • Bathing your dog in plain water. If you must use shampoos, opt for moisture-rich shampoo with humectants and avoid blow drying them after their bath.
  • Request that your groomer use a lower heat setting on their blow dryers to retain some moisture in their fur.
  • Mix digestive enzymes and probiotics into their regular meals.
  • Ensure they’re always drinking fresh drinking water.
  • Supplement their meals with oils such as: flaxseed oil, alfalfa, spirulina, or fish oils.
  • Transition them to a healthier diet of cold-pressed dog food instead of kibble.

You Are What You Eat

It’s more important than ever to ensure that your dog is eating a well-balanced diet full of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a lush skin and coat of fur. That’s why Bug Bakes adds Omega 6 fatty oils to promote healthy skin and glossy coats. In the event that your dog suffers from pruritus due to their diet, which is very common, our formulated blend of natural proteins and nutrients can work wonders when compared to kibble and other commercially-sold dog food products.

Healthy Skin and Glossy Fur With Bug Bakes

Give your dog what they truly deserve: a healthy, balanced diet of cold-pressed dog food packed full of nutrients to promote healthy lifestyle and healthy skin to reduce itching once and for all. Try Bug Bakes today with a 10-day trial.

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