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The Two Crazy Cockers love saving the planet! Follow them on INSTAGRAM.

Max the Belgian Shepherd

Max can't resist the taste of our treats. He even gets his name printed!

Max the Black Labrador

Max's parents love that he is happy AND saving the planet.

Why Insects?

2000X Less Water

By choosing cricket based dog treats, you can keep your dog healthy, and help save the planet.

17X Less Land

The biggest driver of deforestation is agriculture. Many of earths rainforests are being depleted to make way for the space needed for livestock. Choose insects, save land.

100X Less Emissions

Feeding your dog has twice the environmental footprint of driving a car 10,000km each year. Insect protein is the solution. 

Insect-based food 'better for pets than top steak'

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) says insect-based foods may be better for pets than prime steak. Source: BBC

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