Eco Food for Happy Dogs

Ethical dog food that's better for your dog and the planet.

+1,000,000 Meals Eaten!

The Problem

Our dogs have BIG carbon pawprints

A dog can have twice the impact of a 4x4 car!

Insect protein is the solution

It reduces up to 99% of your carbon pawprint.

It's SUPER healthy

Complete animal protein. Vet approved.

Dogs LOVE 

Delicious, natural & sustainable. Try today!

Why thousands of eco concious
dog owners have made the switch

  • 1Family run, locally made, honest business
  • 2Helps your and your pup do your bit for the environment
  • 3The healthiest protein source for your dog
  • 4Vet recommended with a 24/7 vet line

Cold Pressed in the UK

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Better for your dog

  • Glossy fur
  • No more itching
  • Settled tummies
  • Full of energy

Typical Daily Prices

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Small (7kg)


Medium (15kg)


Large (25kg)


Giant (45kg)


    Required to produce 1kg of protein

    Required to produce 1kg of protein

    Over 100x less greenhouse gases required to produce the same amount of protein

That Time We Went on Dragon’s Den.

Yep. Our Founder Ross still gets flashbacks from that time he stepped into the Den and faced five fearsome business entrepreneurs with bags of Bug Bakes in his hands. Spoiler alert: They loved it. (And the dogs did too).

A word from the owners

Bug Bakes is fab! Our dog - a very fussy eater - eats it and enjoys it. The service is really good and it’s nice to be doing a bit for the environment at the same time.

Great product! Healthy, better for the environment, dog loves it, and it’s a British company. Win, win, win!

My greyhound is incredibly fussy but loves it. It appears to have calmed his stomach. That combined with the eco ethos is a winner for me.