Bugs? In Dog Food? Yes, Really.

Hypoallergenic, cold-pressed for minimal bloating and almost twice the protein content of beef? Welcome to the world of insect-based dog food. We think your dog will love it.

What’s Wrong With Dog Food?

The meat industry is having a destructive effect on the planet

20% of the global impact from the meat industry can be attributed to pet food. From land, to water and greenhouse gases, meat-based pet food produces lots of waste and often results in low-quality, highly processed meals.

Switching to Insect Protein reduces carbon paw print by 99%

Every 150g bowl of insect based dog food saves more than 900 litres of water, (like leaving your shower on for 2 hours), 168 sq/ft of habitat (imagine a single garage sized patch of forest cut down) & 1.5kg of greenhouse gases - enough to drive a car approximately five miles!

Insect protein is 
super healthy

Insect protein contains all the amino acids that your dog needs, and is easier to digest than chicken or beef so your dog gets more out of it, while being much better for the planet.

Dogs LOVE 
the taste!

Each Bug Bakes pack is cold pressed to retain nutrition and full of natural healthy ingredients with recipes designed by leading canine nutritionist and endorsed by vets.

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Bug Bakes Taster Pack

Take the taste test challenge! Make sure your dog loves Bug Bakes before signing up for a subscription. Made with sustainable insect protein. £2.99 for two taster packs including shipping.

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🚚 Free Shipping

🐛 2x100g samples

How It Works.

  • 1Order our taster pack and make sure your dog loves Bug Bakes before signing up for a subscription.
  • 2Time to tell us all about your dog. Because who doesn’t love a quiz about pups?
  • 3We’ll create their own unique recipe based on the quiz results.
  • 4You’ll be able to subscribe based on your pup’s individual needs.
  • 5And that’s it! Sit back, relax and get ready for your dog’s food to get delivered to your door. Don’t forget you can go online anytime to make changes as you go.

What Is Cold-Pressed?

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Happy Pooch, Happy Home.

  • Complete food by expert nutritionists, so no hidden extras
  • Vet-approved formulas
  • Hypoallergenic grain-free recipes available
  • Full of soluble fibre and prebiotics for healthy tummies
  • Packed with Omega 6 for healthy skin and glossy fur

How Much Is That Doggy Food In The Window?

Dog food doesn't have to cost the planet. We sell online directly to you, the customer. It keeps it simple for us, and cost effective for you. Cha-ching.

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    Did you know that it takes a whopping 30,000 litres of water to produce the same amount of protein from a cow? Insects, however, only need 15 litres. Talk about making a splash.

    We think we’ve - wait for it - landed on something here. With only 15 square metres needed to farm insect protein, the production our food uses less than ten times the amount of land than a cow, and nearly four times less than a pig. Maybe sometimes the grass really is greener.

    Yikes! Did you know that driving 10,000km a year actually produces less greenhouse gas than feeding your dog animal protein? Our insect based diet cuts this down over a hundred times. Something to be pretty gassed about.

That Time We Went on Dragon’s Den.

Yep. Our Founder Ross still gets flashbacks from that time he stepped into the Den and faced five fearsome business entrepreneurs with bags of Bug Bakes in his hands. Spoiler alert: They loved it. (And the dogs did too).

Dog Lovers Unite! Here’s What The Owners Are Saying:

Bug Bakes is fab! Our dog - a very fussy eater - eats it and enjoys it. The service is really good and it’s nice to be doing a bit for the environment at the same time.

Great product! Healthy, better for the environment, dog loves it, and it’s a British company. Win, win, win!

My greyhound is incredibly fussy but loves it. It appears to have calmed his stomach. That combined with the eco ethos is a winner for me.