Our Mission

What Makes Our Food Unique?

Our complete dog food is cold pressed here in the UK using sustainable insect protein, wonky fruit/veg and plastic free compostable packaging. Much better for your dog and the planet, simple as that!

Why Insects

Healthy Protein

Our insects offer your dog a great source of complete animal protein. In fact, they contain more protein than chicken or beef and this protein is easier for your dog to

digest. It’s for this very reason that the British Veterinary Association have publicly endorsed insects as being better for our dogs than prime cuts of steak.


Insect protein is hypoallergenic and low in purines. This makes it perfect for any dogs with allergies which usually results in upset tummies or itchy skin. In fact, many dog owners don’t realise that their food is to blame for these issues and the most common allergens in dogs may surprise you; beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish.

Sustainably Farmed

Our insects are farmed in to the highest standards possible. They require thousands of times less water, hundreds of times less greenhouse gases and dozens of times less feed and land to produce the same amount of protein as livestock.

Our Insects

We currently use two species of insect protein in our products. Crickets for our treats, and black soldier fly for our cold pressed food. Our crickets are sourced from a small farm here in the UK. We are very proud to support one of the first British insect farms on the market and hope more will open soon.Crickets are great to use in treats, however, they are less suitable for main dog food.We spent a long time researching the best insect farms available for our cold pressed food. After much deliberation, we chose to work with world leading black soldier fly farms in Ireland and the Netherlands.These cutting edge farms do a fantastic job of promoting a circular economy through the utilisation of vegetable by-products as feed for their insects.They also ensure the highest welfare standards possible are adhered to and produce black soldier larvae with the highest protein content available. We will of course keep our eyes out for new insect farms here in the UK, however, we are happy to be working with such innovative farms that share our values in the meantime. If you have any questions at all about our insects, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Our recipes have been designed to offer the best quality food with the least environmental impact possible. Both recipes have been designed by expert nutritionists and approved by vets. They use as many UK natively grown ingredients as possible to minimise airmails.


Our food is all manufactured and shipped from here in the UK, with full DEFRA certification in place. We think it’s very important for your dog's food to be produced locally with complete transparency.  
Cold press manufacturing process


Bug Bakes are very nutritionally dense which means a little goes a long way.
Take our quiz to find out the daily price of feeding Bug Bakes to your dog; https://bugbakes.co.uk/pages/quiz 



    • IS THIS A COMPLETE FOOD? Yes! Both of our foods are nutritionally complete diets for all breeds of adult dog.
    • IS THIS FOOD GRAIN FREE? We offer both Regular and Grain Free recipes of our food. Simply choose which your pup would prefer when taking our sign up quiz.
    • WHAT MAKES THIS FOOD 'ECO'? We use sustainable insect protein and wonky fruit and veg such as apple pulp from the juice industry or unusual shaped carrots which the supermarkets don't want. We then cold press these ingredients together using minimal energy and pack it in compostable packaging made from FSC certified paper which is lined with vegetable starch. 
    • WHAT SIZE BAGS DO YOU SELL IN? We sell our food in 2.5kg, 6kg and 10kg recyclable bags. Our quiz calculates the exact daily cost and delivery schedule for your dog with each bag size. We also offer a 15kg bag of working dog food. This is the same recipe as our other bags, but benefits from being VAT free as it is for working dogs.
    • IS COLD PRESSED THE SAME AS KIBBLE? No, kibble is extruded at very high temperatures. Cold pressed dog food on the other hand is gently pressed at much lower temperatures for a brief moment. This uses far less energy, and leaves more nutrients intact.
    • HOW HEALTHY ARE INSECTS? Insects are a great source of complete animal protein. They are also packed with almost twice the protein content of beef, so a little bit goes a long way. This protein actually has a higher nutrient value and digestibility score than chicken or beef. On top of all of this, they are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for dogs with sensitivities.
    • CAN PUPPIES EAT THIS FOOD? Our food is perfectly safe for puppies, as long as they are 2 months or older.  

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