Bug Bakes is a nutritionally dense food, which means per KG price is not the only benchmark to take into account. 
That's why we created our custom calculator, to help you feed the perfect amount. 

Our food is available in multiple bag sizes and we let you know exactly how long it will take your dog to get through a bag, and how much that will end up costing per day to feed.

As a worked example: 

Bug Bakes: Buster, the 3 year old Cockapoo who weighs 10kg, should eat approximately143g of our complete Bug Bakes food per day to get all his nutrients.
Buster's food plan options are below
Orders can be skipped, cancelled or edited at any time from the customer account.
Other brands: Buster may need to eat 1.5 or even 2X the amount of another, poorer quality brand. Meaning you need to buy 2 bags for every 1 of bug bakes. 
Just because the price is lower per kg, doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be spending less money. So we  recommend going through the sign up quiz first to see your daily price at the end. 
Our food uses the best quality ingredients and manufacturing process available. We can only manage to achieve our price point while offering best in class quality and environmental credentials by selling directly to you.
This means our profit margins might be smaller than our competitors, but you, the customer, get what you pay for! 
It is important to note that dog foods aren’t always fed at the same rate. This means it can be difficult to directly compare prices per weight. Our food is very nutritionally dense so which means a little goes a long way. Take our quiz to find out the daily price of feeding Bug Bakes to your dog; https://bugbakes.co.uk/pages/quiz 
N.B. During the sign up process and using the FEDIAF published daily calorie requirements, we calculate and provide an approximate daily feeding guide. However, factors such as breed, age and activity level must be taken into account. Monitor your dog’s weight and adjust feeding amounts as necessary. If unsure, consult your vet for guidance.

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