Our 10-Day Dog Food Trial

If you want to test an insect-based recipe without committing to a large bag, try our dog food trial today. You receive 10 days' worth of our hypoallergenic, sustainable superfood for your dog with free shipping and free treats. 

No need to start a subscription before you are ready; just sample our healthy natural food for 10 days and watch your dog become healthier and happier. Then, sign up and benefit from 10% off each bag and free delivery.


Healthy Digestion

Supports Glossy Coats and Skin

Nutrient Dense

Promotes Oral Health


Approved by UK Vets

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Why Choose Bug Bakes?

If you are interested in environmentally friendly, healthy dog food, we want to help. Helping your dog thrive is our mission, and our recipe uses natural foods full of the nourishment they need daily. 

Our food is British-made at every step of the production process. The ingredients come from UK farms, and we buy the wonky produce that supermarkets reject to support our farmers.

Our Subscription Service

With our subscription service, you will always have the food you need and save money on orders. Here is how it works:

2. Choose a plan

We will recommend a plan that meets your dog’s needs.

3. Save 10% and get free delivery

By choosing a subscription plan, you will save 10% on every bag and receive free, prescheduled delivery to maintain your supply.

4. Enjoy your dog food

When you have your food, give your dog the recommended daily amount.

Why Choose Insect Protein?

Switching to insect-based food benefits your pup in multiple ways. You can:

Lower their Carbon Pawprint

Farming the livestock traditionally used for protein in dog food dramatically harms our environment. When you compare producing 1kg of insect protein to 1kg of beef protein, insects use 16 times less land, 12 times less food and 2,000 times less water, and release over 100 times less greenhouse gas.

Cater to Allergies

Beef, chicken and pork are protein staples for dog food, but unfortunately, many of our furry friends have developed allergies to them, resulting in digestive issues and life-threatening reactions. By switching to novel insect proteins, you can avoid these hazards.

Provide Extra Protein

Dogs are traditionally carnivores, and protein is essential in their diet as it supports muscle growth. Along with fibre, vitamins and minerals, our food is 28% protein and offers everything your pooch needs to keep them fit and firing.

Our Delicious Range of Insect Protein Products

We have not only created our signature regular recipe but also a grain-free alternative and tasty treats. You can offer your dog eco-friendly, hypoallergenic meals and rewards to keep their tails wagging. Discover our range:

Our Ingredients

We believe that nature knows best and, therefore, we only ever use natural, ethically sourced ingredients in our recipes. Then, our cold-press method retains more natural nutrients than typical extrusion processes to deliver an ultra-nourishing meal for your furry friend. Here are our nutritional values and recipes:

Protein 28%, Fat 11%, Fibre 5%, Ash 7%

Regular Food:

Grain-Free Food:

Suitable For

We have created recipes that are ideal for every dog breed, gender, size and activity level. Our dog food trial is suitable for any pup over two months old, allowing you to try it with your puppy or senior dog. Then, you can use our calculator to discover how much your furry friend needs each day. 


Working Dogs



My cockapoo has been eating bug bakes for over two years, and she loves it. Her digestion is always healthy, with no issues unless I feed her something else… then there’s the usual grass eating all the time.
The subscription service works out very efficiently for us too. I always recommend bug bakes to friends!

Marie Mcallister

I cannot praise this brand enough for how much this food has changed my dog’s way of life. She has always had tummy issues and has gone through pancreatic flare ups a couple of times. Her energy, 💩 and overall health is a phenomenal. I would highly recommend trying this as an alternative to vet prescribed food as all the foods I’ve tried have not done her many favours. Customer service is lovely too!


Great food, good service and fast delivery. My dog loves it - he’s healthy and happy with a very shiny coat.



How should I try my dog on a new food?

If you want to try a new dog food, a ten-day plan is a great way to start, as it gives your dog time to adjust to the food and reap the benefits without committing to a large, expensive bag. 

What is the dog food 25% rule?

If a company highlights a single ingredient that makes up between 25 and 95% of their dog food, they must add a qualifying term such as ‘dinner’ or ‘formula’ to the name of the food.