Dog Food For Large Breeds

Large-breed dogs have different nutritional needs, and we always want to give them the very best. Without appropriate giant-breed dog food, they could miss out on essential nourishment that keeps them strong. 

Choosing our giant-breed puppy food ensures they receive a complete meal filled with the value and benefits of natural goodness. We have hand-picked sustainably sourced ingredients to create a premium product that looks after your dog and your carbon footprint.

Boosts Digestive Health



Maintains Healthy Skin and Coat

Natural Ingredients

Promotes Oral Health


What Food does my Large Breed Dog Need?

Paradoxically, large breed dogs have proportionally smaller stomachs than their smaller friends. Therefore they can only process small amounts of food at a time, emphasising the need for nutrient-rich meals.

Due to the increased size of their mouths, larger breeds tend to eat quickly, leading to digestive problems and obesity. To counter this problem, choose a large food that takes longer to eat, leaving them feeling fuller. 

What’s more, these issues combine with their impressive size to strain their joints. It reinforces the need for a nutrient-dense diet, as the pressurised joints need support to function correctly. Don’t worry, both our Regular and Grain-Free recipes contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin specifically to help your giant breed’s joints. And, we have used fresh, natural ingredients in our giant breed dog food to offer fibre, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins in one package, keeping your furry friend moving freely.

Our Dog Food for Large Breeds

We pride ourselves on our ethically produced food. With our sustainable fruit, vegetables, insect protein and natural carbohydrates, your large breed dog receives a complete meal without any supplements.

Regular Food:

Grain-Free Food:

Nutritional Value

We know that you want one food that can do it all. So we created it. Your pooch can enjoy a delicious meal with all the nutrients and minerals required to sustain their bodies. No more worrying about protein intake and calories, simply follow our recommendations for your dog. Here are the details of that value:

Protein 28%, Fat 11%, Fibre 5%, Ash 7%

Suitable For

Our giant breed dog food is ideal for any pup over two months old. With our custom calculator, you can determine the exact daily requirements of your best friend based on their size, age, gender, breed and activeness. You will see how impressively affordable our natural food is per day. If you want to support your puppy’s growth or give your senior dog everything they need to stay active, there is no better choice. It is ideal for:


Working Dogs



I have switched my Great Dane onto Bug Bakes and she loves it. Have had really great customer service and a happy dog.


My dogs love their Bugbakes - dinner time is always greeted with excitement! I'm very happy with the results - two healthy and fit dogs. Can't fault costumer service. The food arrives on time and any changes to my order are processed really fast and efficiently. Great company to deal with.


Great product and service - our labrador retriever loves it and, as we try to source foods and other products with a reduced carbon footprint, hopefully more sustainable.

Martin Reed


What type of dog food do large breeds need?

Large breed dogs need food with high protein content, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals as they can only process smaller amounts of wood and are prone to obesity and joint issues. 

I have a large breed of dog. How much should I feed them?

Every dog has different daily food needs based on breed, size, gender, activity levels and age. With our custom calculator, you can get an exact measurement.

How much food does my large breed puppy need?

Large breed puppies do not necessarily need more food than smaller breed puppies. However, they have higher nutritional needs to support their bone development, hence why giant-breed puppy food is vital. The exact amount depends on their age and size; use our calculator to discover how much they need daily.