Low Purine Dog Food

Excess purine in your dog’s diet risks joint complications and kidney stones. To reduce the possibility of these complications and set your pup up for a long, pain-free life, choose our low-purine dog food, made right here in the UK.

With our novel proteins, your furry companion benefits from nutrient-rich natural ingredients and receives an ethically-made delicious meal. Our alternative protein helps reduce our carbon footprint by up to 99% when compared to the production of dog food using more traditional sources of protein. Making our unique low-purine recipe ideal for their health and the climate.

Promotes Digestive Health


Natural Ingredients

Sustainably Sourced

Robust Skin and Hair

Loaded with Nutrients


Aids Oral Health

What are Purines?

Purines are chemical compounds found in cells. Your dog takes them in from foods, and their liver breaks them down for use in DNA. Any unused excess is called uric acid. It dissolves into the blood and is excreted from the body via the kidneys. 

However, high quantities cannot be processed, leading to painful kidney stones and joint crystals. With our UK-made low purine dog food, you can prevent these issues. 

Food containing high amounts of purines includes most meats, especially red meat and organs. Insects, on the other hand, have extremely low levels of purine making them a welcome alternative for your pup.

Our Low Purine Dog Food

We are immensely proud to offer dog food made exclusively from sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. It looks after your furry friend and the environment around them. We have carefully designed our food to offer all the nutrients a thriving dog needs; it is full of ethical sources of protein, carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins. Take a look at the nutritional values and unique recipes:

Protein 28%, Fat 11%, Fibre 5%, Ash 7%

Regular Food:

Grain-Free Food:

Both of our recipes are low in purines; however, our Regular blend contains the lowest levels.

How our Natural Ingredients Help your Pooch

Everyone knows natural ingredients are healthier than artificial alternatives, but we have researched the ideal ingredients to create low-purine dog food with all the nutrients dogs need. Here are just a few of the super ingredients:


Seaweed is packed with minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and boron and essential vitamins A, B6 and C, boosting your dog’s health. It sustains healthy gut bacteria, enhances the immune system and reduces inflammation and itching.


Linseed is another fantastic supplement in our dry food, adding fibre, protein and omega oils. It promotes healthy, shiny coats, immune system strength and digestion, keeping your pup active and happy.

Benefits of Low-Purine Food

A low-purine diet can sustain your dog’s health in multiple ways. Here are our favourite benefits:

Reduce Risks of Urate Stones

Limiting the uric acid levels in your dog’s bloodstream with low-purine protein decreases the risk of urate stones in the kidneys, saving them from pain and discomfort.

Reduced Risk of Cystine Stones

By mixing insect protein with fruit and vegetables, we can balance the number of amino acids in your pooch’s diet. Therefore, the risk of cystine stones in the kidneys drops.

Preventing Joint Crystals

Excess uric acid in the bloodstream cannot be entirely excreted, risking crystals forming in the joints. These crystals cause inflammation and pain, limiting your dog’s movement. A low-purine diet prevents them and keeps your dog active.

Suitable For

No dog should suffer from issues like kidney stones and joint pain. That’s why we have created a low-purine dog food in the UK suitable for any pooch over two months old. No matter how experienced your furry friend is, our kibble can support them.

If you want to learn about your dog’s nutritional needs and discover how affordably you can benefit from low-purine food, use our custom calculator today. For an added 10% off each bag, subscribe and receive regular deliveries for less. 

Our food is ideal for


Working Dogs



It’s a win-win for planet-friendly climate-conscious dog lovers and the doggy bonus is that my hound loves them!


Great nutrition for your dogs! Awaiting our sixth monthly delivery of Bug Bakes.

Good all round healthy food enjoyed by both our dogs. Would recommend you give it a go for your four legged friends !


Love this product and so does my dog! I use them dry for treats and wet for his breakfast Also love that it’s fully sustainable , no plastic involved, every little helps our planet 👍😁