Novel Protein Dog Food, Made in the UK

If you want to decrease your dog’s environmental impact, choose our novel protein dog food made in the UK. By opting for insect protein instead of traditional choices like beef or chicken, we can limit our carbon pawprint by 99% and offer our pups hypoallergenic food that is gentle on sensitive stomachs.

All our ingredients are natural and ethically sourced, providing a rich source of nutrients and looking after UK farms. We are certified by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and utilise a sustainable cold press manufacturing process to care for the world around us.



Aids Digestion

Promotes Shiny Coats and Healthy Skin

Reduces Build-Up of Plaque and Tartar

Natural Ingredients



Ethically-Sourced Ingredients

Fighting Allergies with Novel Protein

As our dogs are constantly exposed to the same proteins, their immune systems can develop allergies. Beef is the most common food allergy affecting dogs, although our pups often suffer chicken, lamb and pork allergies.   

This issue is one of the key reasons why we use novel protein in our dog food. By opting for insect protein, we have created a nutritious dog food that supports your pup without risking a life-threatening allergic reaction. It is far kinder to your best friend’s stomach and will keep their tails wagging all day long.

Insect Protein and the Environment

Did you know that your furry friend has twice the carbon footprint of building a 4x4 and driving it 10,000km a year? Unfortunately, traditional protein sources such as beef have immense environmental costs with the large open grazing spaces and thousands of litres of water required to keep them. With our novel insect protein, you can lower this carbon footprint by 99%

Sustainability is one of our key commitments. By using insect farms, we can produce the same amount of protein whilst using 2000 times less water and producing 100 times less greenhouse gas than traditional sources, drastically reducing our environmental impact. Plus, we ethically obtain all our ingredients from UK farms and save energy with our cold press manufacturing technique.

What Goes into our Novel Protein Dog Food?

On top of the novel insect protein, our food is loaded with natural ingredients that help your dog thrive. The recipe delivers fibre, vitamins, carbohydrates and protein to facilitate their growth and well-being, and we offer a grain-free option to cater to any wheat or grain allergies. Take a look at our nutritional values and ingredients:

Protein 28%, Fat 11%, Fibre 5%, Ash 7%

Regular Food:

Grain-Free Food:

Suitable For

Every pooch should have access to novel protein dog food in the UK. Our offering is suitable for all pups over two months old, no matter their breed, size, gender or activity level. Use our custom calculator to determine how much food your dog needs daily and how affordable it can be, and subscribe to save 10% on each bag. It is perfect for:


Working Dogs



I have switched my Great Dane onto Bug Bakes and she loves it. Have had really great customer service and a happy dog.


My dogs love their Bugbakes - dinner time is always greeted with excitement! I'm very happy with the results - two healthy and fit dogs. Can't fault costumer service. The food arrives on time and any changes to my order are processed really fast and efficiently. Great company to deal with.


Great product and service - our labrador retriever loves it and, as we try to source foods and other products with a reduced carbon footprint, hopefully more sustainable.

Martin Reed