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High Quality Protein

Insects are an amazing source of complete animal protein which is easier to digest than chicken or beef. 


Our food is cold-pressed meaning you can feed wet or dry, simply add water and leave for a few minutes.

Natural Ingredients

No rubbish fullers, just great ingredients. Available in Regular or Grain Free with fully transparent recipes. 


My dog goes mad for Bug Bakes! She's normally a very fussy eater, and this is the first dry food that she will eat without anything like wet food added to it. She likes it so much that we can use it as training treats too! It's great to know that it's much more environmentally friendly than regular dog food too. I can highly recommend it.

Robyn Shilland

Really pleased with Bug Bakes for my two dogs. I feed it dry (but can be fed made into a wet mash). It's crunchy, dogs love it and we're doing something positive for the environment. What's not to like?