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Can dogs eat blueberries?

If you have a dog and you are looking for healthy, low-calorie treats to give them, fruits are one of the first things to come to mind. A commonly asked question we often get is if dogs can eat blueberries. Refreshing and delicious blueberries make a great treat for humans but are they safe for dogs to eat? Well, the answer is yes - dogs can eat blueberries. 

Read along to find out more about why blueberries are good for dogs and what things you should consider before feeding them to your pooch. 

dog and a bowl of blueberries

Why are blueberries good for dogs? 

Blueberries are a great treat for dogs not only because they are low in calories but also because they are packed with nutrients that can boost your dog’s immune system and improve their overall health and wellbeing as a result. In blueberries, you’ll find a healthy dose of:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Fibre 
  • Antioxidants

It’s important to note that antioxidants have been found to help with chronic inflammatory conditions in dogs and they are believed to have a positive effect on cognitive function which makes them especially beneficial to elderly dogs. 

However, before you introduce your furry buddy to blueberries or any other fruits and vegetables that dogs can eat, make sure to check in with your vet first. It’s always good practice to speak to a doctor before adding something new to your dog’s feeding plan to confirm that there are no medical concerns to consider. 

How many blueberries can a dog eat safely?

Blueberries, as healthy as they may be, are a treat and as such, they should be added to your pup’s diet in moderation. The general rule of thumb is that treats should be no more than 10% of your four-legged friend’s daily intake.  

Approach the introduction of any new food to your dog’s diet with caution. Try a couple of blueberries, to begin with, and see how your dog reacts. You’ll know whether they are a fan of the fruit or not in an instant. After all, doggos, just like humans, have their own tastes, so not every one of them will like blueberries.

Starting off slowly also gives you the opportunity to monitor for unwanted reactions. If you see any signs of upset stomach or discomfort after your pooch has tried the fruit, please call your veterinarian for advice immediately.  

can dogs eat blueberries

Can blueberries be harmful to dogs?

Unlike grapes which are actually poisonous to dogs, blueberries are safe to consume in small quantities. However, you should always keep in mind that berries are small and if your furry friend gets over-excited when eating them, they may pose a choking hazard. That being said, blueberries are soft, so you are unlikely to have any issues. 

How to serve blueberries to a dog?

When it comes to offering fruity treats to your dog, remember - fresh is always best. Preserved blueberries, blueberry juice and other products containing blueberries usually contain high levels of sugar and sometimes, artificial sweeteners and colouring, as well. Those should be avoided in a healthy diet for your dog. 

Always wash the blueberries well before serving them to your furry friend to avoid any chemicals that they may have been treated with being ingested as they can cause a tummy ache. The best option is to choose organic fruits to minimise the possibility of such problems. 

You can give plain blueberries to your dog on their own or sprinkle them on top of their normal food for a bit of variety. Also, a cool trick in the summer is to keep some blueberries in the freezer and treat your four-legged friend to a nice, cold, refreshing treat. It’s a great way to combat a heatwave if you ever have to deal with one.  

french bulldog and blueberries

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