What fruits and vegetables can dogs eat? - 20 Healthy Dog Treat Ideas

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Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are a must in a healthy human diet but do they make a safe dog treat? Finding out exactly what fruits and vegetables dogs can eat is very important because some of the most benign fruits and veg could cause upset stomach, vomiting and even death in dogs. 

However, if you add the right fruits and vegetables to your furry friend’s diet, they can be a good source of vitamins, fibres and minerals. Plus, they are low in fat which makes them a great option for dogs on a weight-loss diet. And of course, as any dog treat, fruits and vegetables are delicious (depending on your dog’s individual taste), so they make a great, fun addition to your four-legged friend’s daily nutrition. 

The 90/10 rule or how much is too much? 

When it comes to your dog’s diet, always remember the 90/10 rule: nutritionally complete dog food should make up at least 90% of your dog’s daily intake, while treats should account for not more than 10%.

Every “good dog” out there loves a treat. As a dog owner, choosing the right treats is important if you want to keep your dog happy and healthy. Fruits and vegetables can be a great solution as they offer variety and add new interesting flavours to your dog’s menu. Plus, there are many creative ways to serve fruits and vegetables to dogs, which gives you the opportunity to experiment and find new yummy and nutritious treats for your furry friends.

So, here comes the list of fruits and vegetables that dogs can eat, provided by your healthy dog food specialists at Bug Bakes

What fruit can dogs eat?

What fruits can dogs eat? Here are 10 of the most delicious sweet things you can offer your four-legged friends without having to worry about their health. 


Yes, dogs can eat strawberries, so when strawberry season comes along in early June, don’t forget to take your dog on your next strawberry picking adventure. High in natural sugars, strawberries are a delicious and refreshing sweet treat for your dog if consumed in moderation.  


Bananas are also good for dogs. High in potassium, fibre, and vitamins, the flesh of the banana is packed with nutrients for your beloved pet. Make sure you don’t give your dog more than half a banana and also, never let them eat the peel because it can upset their tummy. 


Whether it’s a cantaloupe, honeydew or another juicy variety, melons are safe for dogs to eat. The delicious, sweet flavour of the melon makes it a great treat for overweight dogs on a diet, especially in the summer. Don’t forget to remove the skin and the seeds before feeding melon to your dog! 


Apple slices are a wonderful dog treat. Plus, they give your pup better teeth and a nice-smelling breath. Keep the portion sizes small and always clean the apple from seeds and skin before serving it to your pooch. Looking for another way to incorporate apples in your dog’s diet? Here at Bug Bakes, we put some wonky but utterly delicious apples in our insect dog food too. Get your free sample today


Yes, dogs love oranges, clementines and mandarins. Citrus fruits are acidic though, so don’t give them more than a couple of slices every other day to avoid upsetting their stomach. Moderation makes the treat that extra bit more desirable. 


Soft, sweet and easy to chew, blackberries are a perfect treat for a dog of any size. They don’t have any toxic bits, so you can feed them to your dogs safely. Too many blackberries can give your dog diarrhoea though, so don’t be tempted to succumb to those sad puppy eyes and give them more than a few. 


Blueberries are healthy for dogs, just be sure your furry friend doesn’t get over-excited because the small size of the fruit can make it a choking hazard if not swallowed well. Also, 10 blueberries are enough for the day, so don’t give your dog a whole bowl of them. 


Who doesn’t love biting into a cold, juicy watermelon slice on a hot summer day? Your dog can enjoy watermelon safely too. Chop it up in small cubes, maybe even freeze it, and watch your four-legged buddy wag their tail in excitement as they chew on the fruity deliciousness. 


Packed with fibres and sugar, peaches are another healthy fruit treat for dogs. Stick to fresh peaches and remove the pit before serving them to your pet. Canned peaches may be juicy but they are soaked in sugar syrup, so they are not a good alternative. 


Vitamins C and K, copper and fibre - it’s all nutritional goodies you’ll find in pears. As pears are safe for dogs to eat, there’s no reason to avoid them in your dog’s diet. As always, serve small quantities, cut in pieces and clean from seeds before offering them to your pet. 

What vegetables can dogs eat?

With all the fruits covered, now it’s time to explore a selection of fresh vegetables that are safe for dogs to eat. Discover our 10 favourite veggie dog treats below! 


Ripe tomatoes are safe for your dog and can be added as an occasional treat. They are juicy and refreshing, making them a paw-tastic snack (in small quantities). However, avoid green tomatoes or tomato stems, leaves and other greenery because they can seriously harm your dog. 


As odd as it sounds, dogs can eat cucumbers and they enjoy it too. Low in fat, calories and sodium, raw cucumbers are a nice treat, especially for an overweight dog. Due to their high water content, cucumbers are a good source of hydration. No pickles though, the acidity makes them a bad choice for dogs.  


A handful of bright-yellow sweetcorn over your dog’s meal can be a good way to make the usual bowl of food more exciting on a special occasion. However, NEVER give your dog corn on the cob as it can be deadly. Canned corn is fine but it’s not recommended because it doesn’t have as many nutrients as fresh or frozen corn. 


Carrots are one of the best vegetables for dogs. From the leaves to the body of the veg, it’s all great for a doggo. This is why we add them to our cold-pressed, insect food for dogs to make it extra nutritious. Claim your free sample today


Peas are perfectly safe for dogs to eat. Your pooch can enjoy snacking on all sorts of peas - garden peas, green peas, English peas, sugar snap peas or snow peas. Fresh, frozen or cooked, they are good in all forms. Just avoid canned peas because they may contain sodium. 


A dog can eat courgette whether it’s steamed, roasted or raw. Just take a few slices out of your meal while you are preparing it and set them aside for your furry friend. Make sure you do that before seasoning is added though because human herbs and spices can irritate your pet’s stomach. 


Turnips are packed with nutrients for dogs, including folate and calcium, and they are very low-calorie, which makes them a great treat. You have many serving options too, from raw to mashed to dehydrated or baked and everything in between. 


With vitamins and nutrients packed in this leafy goodness, cabbage is a comfort food not only for humans but for dogs too. Dogs can eat all sorts of cabbage, green or purple, and they can have it cooked, as well as raw. 


Unseasoned broccoli, raw or cooked, is safe to give to your dog. However, even though dogs can eat broccoli, you must never give them broccoli stems because they are a choking hazard. Also, keep in mind the 90/10 rule as too much broccoli = upset stomach. 

Green beans

Plain green beans are perfect for dogs. Cook them or serve them raw or frozen, your pooch will love them either way. Using green beans as an alternative to a biscuit treat can help your dog lose weight too. 

There are some fruits and vegetables that dogs can’t eat but with this handy list of 10 fruits and 10 veggies that dogs can eat, you should have plenty of safe and healthy choices for an alternative dog treat, packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

If you have any concerns about including fruits or vegetables in your dog’s diet, or if you suspect that your dog might have an allergic reaction to a fruit or a vegetable, you should consult your veterinarian for advice immediately. 

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