Our Gluten Free Dog Food

Elevate your pup's health with our gluten-free dog food. Crafted without any gluten-containing ingredients, it's perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Packed with premium nutrients, our recipes ensure happy, healthy tails every day!





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My Patterdale Terrier has been eating Bug Bakes for over 12 months now - he is full of energy, has a shiny coat & looks fit & healthy.
It makes me feel better that I am helping the environment too.
Thank you

Sue Smith

My cockapoo loves grain-free bug bakes. We stumbled across the brand when trying to find alternatives to meat and fish-based dog food, initially feeding a half and half mix for a couple of months. My dog is now on a fully bug bakes diet and is thriving - she is full of energy, her coat has become softer, and I love that her diet is now much more climate-friendly. Highly recommended.


Cannot fault this food, I have been giving this to my chihuahua for some time now and he loves it. Great customer service experience and super fast delivery, very happy customer