Natural Dog Food Dry

We all want to eat healthy natural food, as we know much value it offers. So why should our dogs miss out? With our natural dry dog food, your pup receives a sustainably sourced meal with all the goodness of fresh ingredients.

There is no need to worry about the effects of artificial preservatives; we do not use any. Instead, we have prioritised nutrient-rich options in our recipes to support the growth and health of your best friend, helping them be their playful selves.


Full of Nutrients

Boosts Digestive System

Maintains Shiny Coats and Health Skin

Reduces Build-Up of Tartar and Plaque



Sustainably Sourced, Natural Ingredients

What Goes into Our Natural Dry Dog Food

As the name suggests, we only use natural ingredients in our food. On top of that, we have taken special care to ensure that they are sustainably sourced and hypoallergenic, protecting sensitive stomachs and the environment. As mother nature gives us all her goodness, we give back. Take a look at the fresh foods in our delicious recipes:

Regular Food:

Grain-Free Food:

Nutritional Value

Our commitment to sustainability has not impacted the nutritional value we provide. In fact, the insect protein in our natural dog food packs the same nutritional punch as traditional alternatives, such as beef or chicken, whilst lowering your carbon footprint by 99%. Plus, your pooch benefits from the minerals, fibre and vitamins to keep their bodies healthy and their tails wagging. Here are the high values you can expect:

Protein 28%, Fat 11%, Fibre 5%, Ash 7%

Benefits of Natural Dry Dog Food

We created our natural food to offer your dog high-quality food that looks after their bodies. It has many advantages:

No Artificial Additives

By choosing natural ingredients, we have removed manufactured products that can irritate your dog’s digestive system and trigger allergic reactions. You will not find any E numbers or chemicals.

Fresh Ingredients

Everybody prefers eating fresh to eating from a tin. We believe all our furry friends deserve the same treatment and have only used the best natural food sources.

Wholesome Food

Our pups need every nutrient possible to lead the happiest, healthiest lives. With nature’s help, we can provide it. Our food includes fibre, protein, vitamins A, B6 and C and other minerals to support your pooch’s overall health.

Suitable For

Our natural dry dog food can support any pup over two months old and provides natural goodness throughout their life. Plus, with our subscription option, you can receive regular deliveries while saving 10% on every bag you purchase. Use our calculator to work out how you can affordably feed:


Working Dogs



Used Bug Bakes for its ethics, natural healthy ingredients and food allergy friendly bakes. My wee border terrier loves them and only 6 calories each.

Gil Brydon

My dog has always had good quality dry food but I felt unhappy about the impact on the planet. Insect based dog food seems the way forward and we looked around. Bug bakes seemed the best and they have always been super reliable. My working Labrador has the large working dog sized bag. Her poops have been better since on bug bakes and she always chomps it down happily. Its a success!


My dog has really enjoyed Bug Bakes (the grain free recipe). She wolfs it down!I’m also really happy to find a reasonably local, healthy and sustainable feed for her (it’s great that the company are even thinking about little things like what their packaging is made from). Thank you, Bug Bakes.