Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Does your dog suffer from tummy troubles? Give them the happy tummy they deserve with our delicious dog food for sensitive stomachs. Packed with natural, UK-sourced ingredients, it features insect protein as a key source of nutrition.

Why insect protein? It's a game-changer for sensitive tummies:

Easier to Digest

Gentle on their gut, reducing tummy troubles and promoting better nutrient absorption


Less likely to trigger allergies often found with traditional proteins like chicken or beef

Sustainable Superhero

Eco-friendly protein source that's kind to the planet!

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Bugbakes really suits Seb. After trying different foods including those for sensitive digestion Bugbakes have been the best. I'm very glad we're doing our bit for the planet too.

Liz Duguid

I continue to feed my wire fox terrier bug bakes.

It’s the only food that doesn’t upset his sensitive tummy.

He has a bowl in the morning with a wee bit kefir or oat milk poured over and a bowl of dried for his dinner.

Kirstin Bradley

Really suiting our terrier. She’s always had a slightly sensitive tummy and bug bakes gives her nice firm stool. Happy so far!

Ginny Slatford


  • What will my vet recommend for my dog’s sensitive stomach?
    To manage a sensitive stomach, you should offer your dog a balanced diet, get them to drink plenty of water and lower their stress levels. Don’t forget that every case is different: your dog may have intolerances or illnesses. Your vet will run specific tests and create a bespoke plan.

  • How can I measure a food’s digestibility?
    Always pay attention to your dog’s stools to note any changes. Once you understand what normal looks like, you can identify abnormalities that could indicate allergies or less digestible foods. 

  • Is my dog’s upset stomach an emergency?
    An upset stomach can indicate a need for urgent veterinary assistance. If your dog is constantly vomiting, suffers from dehydration, fever or lethargy, or produces bloody or tarry stools, you must take them to a vet immediately.

  • Can grain-free food help soothe your dog's sensitive tummy?
    Yes, grain-free food can be a great option! Grains can be difficult for some dogs to digest, leading to tummy troubles. Our grain-free formula uses easily digestible ingredients, promoting a calmer gut and a happier dog.